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This page contains the Disclaimer, Cookie Policy, and Privacy Policy of Green Life Social Media. Green Life Social Media retains the right to alter each of these sections. Alterations to the disclaimer, cookie policy, or privacy policy will be publicized on this website.

The texts below have been written in a way to make them easier to understand. If you have any questions, please contact


Who are we?
Green Life Social Media (KvK/CoC: 69617902) publishes texts, images, and other materials to and that have been produced by Green Life Social Media itself or by third parties.

We can be contacted by email ( and phone ((+31)6-20050435).

Terms of use
The information on this website is ‘as is’. Despite great effort and care on our side there might be inaccurate or incomplete information on the website. Therefore, you cannot derive any rights from information on the website. You can only hold Green Life Social Media accountable to written information (for example: on a signed contract or in an email).

The website and its various components are the property of Green Life Social Media. Without written permission from Green Life Social Media you are not allowed to multiply any copyrighted works or information.

Cookie Policy

This website contains cookies. These are small files that can remember settings or preferences of users, for example. As a rule, cookies serve to improve your browsing experience. Our cookies are set up in such a way as to make your browsing experience as privacy-friendly as possible. For specific privacy-related matters, please check out our privacy policy below.

Cookies we use
Google Analytics
Google’s cookies provide insights into how users engage with the website. The information that these cookies collect is anonymized as much as possible (for example, your IP-address will not be collected). This ensures that any given set of information cannot lead back to a particular person.

Other supporting cookies
The website has various elements that require cookies to function properly. These cookies check for things like the height and width of the user’s browser in order to display those elements correctly. This information is anonymized and only used for the purpose of ensuring the proper function of the website.

Analysis of the website
In order to analyze the website properly, we have to be able to count unique visitors. There are various ways in which this can be achieved that still safeguard the visitor’s privacy. Our website analysis makes use of the following information:

  • City and country (based on the IP-address)
  • Operating system (Windows, iOS, Android, etc.)
  • Browser type (Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc.)
  • Visited pages (time and duration)
  • Utilized links to and from our website (which links brought you to our website and which links did you use on the website itself)
  • General information such as monitor display settings and inter speed (to ensure that the website is showed properly on either a desktop or phone and functions properly)

Privacy-protecting measures
Our cookies have been set up in a way to either not collect IP-addresses, or to partially anonymize it so the IP-address cannot be traced back to a specific device.

Even though Green Life Social Media does not share personal information with third parties, the companies whose cookies are active on this website might. The companies in question do have to be in accordance with laws and regulations regarding the protection of personal information. For more insight into how they use the data they collect, please check out their privacy policies.

You can limit and even disable the use of cookies via your browser settings. See your browser’s Help section if you need any assistance. If you want to expire the cookies of this website, you can do so in your browser settings: simply clear your cookies, or select those related to this website and delete them.

Privacy Policy

Green Life Social Media respects the privacy of its visitors and strives to keep the personal information you provide confidential and safe, and in accordance with the law.

The data that Green Life Social Media collects through the website is not shared with third parties without written consent. The only possible exception to this is a compelling request to share certain information for law enforcement purposes.

How do we collect information?
Our website contains cookies: check out our cookie policy for more information. We use the data collected by these cookies to analyze the website’s performance and for its maintenance and improvement.

The information that is being collected by cookies (for example, Google Analytics) is not information that Green Life Social Media owns. Therefore, Green Life Social Media can only direct you to the privacy policies of the companies in question. Green Life Social Media does use this information in its role as a data processor (e.g. using this information to improve the browsing experience).

Contact forms
Our website contains contact forms to enable visitors to contact us quickly and easily. These forms ask for people to fill in their name and email address, as well as the information that the user chooses to share in a message. The anonymous information of the message (e.g. date and time of submission) are kept without any specific expiration date. The personal information is kept no more than three months to facilitate and improve communication with clients.

What happens with this information?
The data that Green Life Social Media collects via the website or communications with clients are not shared with third parties, unless there is a compelling legal reason to divert from this privacy policy. This concerns all types of information, of any source, whether the information came from a contact form or a cookie. Personal information is not kept longer than necessary.

We use various data points to aid in (technical) maintenance and improvement of the website. Some data is also collected through cookies to learn more about our customers. This information is anonymized; the cookies on our websites have been set up to not collect any information that can be traced back to you.

Personal information
Name, email address, phone number, and possible other information you share with Green Life Social Media will be handled with care and will not be shared with third parties without your written consent. At any time, you can send a request to to have your information removed.

How safe is the website?
For every domain we own, we have enabled a secured connection to our website. Online traffic between you and our website is therefore illegible for outside parties. Aside from that, we make sure that our systems are properly protected, both physically and digitally. We encourage everyone to report any potential security issues to us immediately, so that we can take measures to improve our online security.

Your rights
At all times, you have the right to have your information removed from our records (e.g. contact information). Simply contact us and we will gladly help you.

We cannot remove anonymized information, simply because it is impossible to trace what information belongs to you.