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Online Marketing For Your Green Company

Optimize your digital presence. A complete package for online success.

Services Overview

Green Life Social Media offers a complete package of online marketing services. Everything required for a strong foundation of your online presence.

Request a free and non-binding audit of your online presence. Know exactly where you stand and what you need.

Brand Story
Social Media
Online Ads
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Brand Storytelling
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Brand Story

Good marketing starts with a brand story. The unique story of your company is the basis of all other marketing activity. It inspires the content of your website, your social media posts and even your ads. Brand storytelling can even make your company up to 22x more memorable.

You’ll create a congruent picture of your organization, because you keep working from the same basis. And of course, if you ever get stuck, it can also serve as a source of inspiration for your next product or blog post.

Brand Story€350

One-Time Setup

Story Creation
Strategy Setup
Corporate Identity
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Website Optimization

Your website is not just your business card, it is the core of your online activity. It’s the only platform that is completely under your control. Powerful analytics, a good SEO strategy and an optimally developed digital environment is crucial.

Furthermore, you’d probably like a beautiful design as well. I’ve been using Wordpress for years to create and optimize my clients’ websites and webshops.


€100+ Monthly

One-Time Setup + On-going
Maintenance & Development

Development & Optimization
SEO Analysis & Setup
Analytics Integration
Maintenance & Updates
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Social Media

You don’t just want followers; you want customers. Social marketing enables you to create connections that go beyond simple measures such as followers or likes.

People spend an average of 142 minutes per day on social media. And Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have over 3,5 billion users collectively.

Social Media€300+


Profile Setup
All Major Platforms
Regular Posts
Active Engagement
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Online Advertising

Alright, so you’ve got a good website and a bunch of traffic coming in through your social media accounts. Time to step it up a notch with online advertisements.

Online advertising makes it possible to accurately target your ideal audience. This makes online advertising the most cost-effective way of advertising. Automated ad campaigns and data analysis make it easier than ever to advertise effectively and efficiently.

Online Advertising€300+


Campaign Setup
Trend Analysis
Sales Funnels
Clear Results
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Portfolio Example Projects

Obviously you want to see some examples of work that I’ve done. The following slides show some of the companies I’ve done some work for (and still do).

Collaborations with the displayed companies were (and are) pleasant, relaxed and usually wonderfully informal. This is how I like to work. To set up a goal together and then work towards it together. Your goal is my goal. Let’s see how we can achieve it in a fun way.

Project 1 Spijker Operable Partitions

More freedom in the same space is possible with Spijker Operable Partitions’ array of operable, glass and folding partitions. Utilizing your space more efficiently also means utilizing your heat, light and other resources more efficiently.

For Spijker a new website was set up with new corporate branding and regular expansions and updates.

Project 2 Beauty & Care by Ninon

Beauty & Care by Ninon is a nail salon in Borne that offers both stylistic (beauty) and restorative (care) hand, foot and nail treatments. Ninon only uses animal and environment friendly, vegan products.

A website, social media activity and online ad campaigns were set up as desired.

Project 3 Technodesign

Vastgoedinrichting (real estate interior design) by Technodesign ensures that everyone can work in a pleasant environment. From floors, walls and ceilings to furniture and LED lighting: Technodesign does it all.

Technodesign asked for a completely new website. “Boyish, playful, something with cars and horizontal scrolling” was the request. And that was delivered.

About GLSM Overview

Green Life Social Media is a one man business. I help companies that do good business. Sustainable, healthy, reusable, that kind of good.

One of the steps to improvement is knowledge. That also means that people have to know what good alternatives are available to them.

This is where Green Life Social Media steps in. I want to help society by helping good companies.


Hi, I’m Jerfy. In 2017, I started Green Life Social Media with the aim to help companies that want to add something positive to the world.

You’ve already seen what I do. Scroll a bit further and read about the why and how.


Good health is the basis of everything we want to do in life. Sustainability is the basis of all live on this planet. So this is not a marketing term: it is a necessity.

Clean air to breath. Fertile soil. Clean drinking water.

Climate change is the biggest challenge humanity has ever known. Selling and advertising products that contribute to that is therefore simply unacceptable.

GLSM Promotes

Plant-based alternatives
Produced locally
Energy efficient
Recyclable / reusable
Fair trade
Biodegradable packaging
Many more ways to do things better

Helping Small Business

Many small companies don’t yet have the revenue or size that enables them to hire a full-time marketing professional. However, oftentimes it’s the smaller businesses that go for the unique approach. For example, to offer a more sustainable alternative or a healthier menu. And people should know.

Precisely these underdogs are the ones I like to help, because this is how change happens. GLSM as a one man business is also keenly aware of the specific challenges that face a small organization.

Complete Package

A good website that generates a lot of traffic through social media and online advertising makes for a successful company. At the core of that activity sits a brand story that ties all these activities together, wherever people find you online.

By bringing the biggest and most important marketing activities together in one place you can quickly, effectively and affordably establish a strong and clear brand.

Everything in One place

Clear overview: only one line of communication for all your marketing activity

From Start to Finish

Combine the services you need: build a strong basis for your online presence

Marketing Management

Not just advice: I do the work so that you can save time to do what you do best

Contact Get In Touch

Do you have any questions? Would you like more information about a service? Or request a quote for a project?

Mail, ask your question and I’ll provide you with an answer as soon as possible.